Existing Facilities

Two existing call center facilities are currently available in Santa Rosa County.

Former Clearwire Customer Contact Center
5510/5520 Industrial Blvd.
Milton, Florida 32583
75,000 SF Facility (Divisible into 40k and 35k SF Facilities)
300 Available Cubicles Approximately 700 seats (Expandable to 1,200 seats)

Former Tata Facility
6671 Caroline Street
Milton, Florida 32570
24,000 SF Facility (Divisible Two Story Building 12,000 SF each)
Lot Dimensions 206 x 526 (Frontage 206 FT)


Demographics and Employment

Most recent and previous total population in the county and MSA (Census 2010).

Area 2000 2010
Santa Rosa County 117,743 151,372
Pensacola MSA 412,153 451,172


2016 Largest employers in Santa Rosa County, the type of business and number of employees.

Employer Employees Type
Santa Rosa County School Districts 2,750 Local Government
State and Local Government 2,231 Government
Federal Government/Military 2,087 Government
Wal-Mart Stores (4) 1,285 Retail
Baptist Health Care Systems 543 Health Services
Santa Rosa Medical Center 498 Health Services
Publix 380 Grocery
Blackwater River Correctional Facility 380 Private State Prison
Navy Federal Credit Union 340 Financial Services
Mediacom 300 Internet and Cable Service Provider
AppRiver, LLC 220 Internet Security
Goldring Gulf Distributing 166 Warehouse/Distribution
Lifeguard Ambulance Service 160 Ambulance Service/Logistics


2016 Average hourly wage rates paid to call center workers and related job categories (finance, insurance, real estate, administration, computer).

Job Categories Average hourly wage
OC 41-9041 Telemarketers $10.32 hr
OC 43-4051 Customer Service Representatives $13.24 hr
OC 13-2099 Financial Specialist, other $31.11 hr
OC 43-9041 Insurance Claims and Policy Clerks $15.93 hr
OC 41-9022 Real Estate Agents $18.78 hr
OC 15-1150 Computer Support Specialist $19.20 hr
OC 43-6011 Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, Except Legal, Medical $14.69 hr


Recent unemployment rates in the county and MSA.

  Santa Rosa County Pensacola MSA  
2016 4.8% 5.1%  
2015 5.0% 5.5%  



Airlines serving the county and MSA and number of daily flights.

Available Airlines
Total Number of Airlines (Commercial & Regional) 5  
Number of Commercial Airlines 2 Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines
Number of Regional Airlines 3 American Airlines, Silver Airway and United
Total Daily Arrivals and Departures 68  


Available non-stop air service
Atlanta Charlotte
Chicago Dallas
Houston Miami
Orlando Tampa
Washington/Dulles Washington Nat


Local Economic Incentives

The Super QTI Cash Program is an economic incentive program available on a local-level and suitable for a call center operation.

Super QTI Cash Program will be based on the number of new positions anticipated to our region within a five year period and the quality of that position (average wage rate), and will be paid for up to five consecutive years at the end of each year. There will be a contract between the industries and the County outlining the commitments of the County and the Industry, and if the position count should fall below the number committed or the wage rate should be decreased, at the end of five years the industry will be required to refund any incentive funds paid to the industry for this incentive that it does or did not qualify.

Average wage rate Incentive
85% of SRC average to 115% $200/position/year
115% of SRC average to 125% $400/position/year
125% of SRC average to 150% $600/position/year
greater than 150% $800/position/year


More Information

More information is available on the Santa Rosa Economic Development Office website, including:





Shannon Ogletree, Executive Director
 (850) 623-0174

Santa Rosa County EDO
6491 Caroline St, Suite 4
Milton, FL 32570

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